1. Create Your Account

Before purchasing a boost, you must create an account. This way, we can send you email notifications regarding your boost status.


2. Choose Your Boost

Depending on what kind of ELO/MMR boost you want, you need to let your booster know what they should be doing! Here are the boosting categories we offer:

  • Division Boosting (up to Master)
  • Placement Matches
  • Net Wins
  • Games

You'll be invited to send us the relevant information required to complete your boost.

For Solo Boosts

  • Your order confirmation number
  • The username of the account to boost
  • The password of that same account

For Duo Boosts

  • Your order confirmation number
  • The IGN (In-Game Name) of the account to boost

You will receive a confirmation email with your chosen boost information when you complete the payment process.


3. Chat With Your Booster

Once a booster is assigned to your order, you'll be able to live chat with them to follow up on your boost.

4. We Complete The Boost

The actual boosting. Here it is. Let us handle everything while you think about the world of possibilities that's opening up to you.

You will receive an email when we'll complete your boost.

5. Profit!

Now that your boost is complete, have fun and enjoy it! Don't forget to let us know about your experience so that we can improve our service.